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A town in the Central Region of stunning Malta, Gzira sits between Msida and Sliema with a population of about 8,029 souls, so you will have plenty of opportunities to mingle and get up close and personal with the locals. It's named after the Manoel Island that lies just off its shores. The town is dense with restaurants and hotels and has a multi-ethnic and multicultural community that daily gaze out at the majestic walls of Valletta, which are illuminated at night in case you missed the awesome sight during the day. The locals saunter around the public seafront garden, wear big grins strolling around the marina and often indulge in relaxing in the sun sipping espresso from a chair in an outdoor cafe before heading to a coworking venue to get industrious and innovative.

The city of today began life with one 19th Century villa that eventually caused a working-class suburb to spring up around it that overflowed with bars. Today it's a buzzing hub of tourists, home to a business community and real estate offices, as apartments go up a flurry replacing many of the old buildings. You have to wander into the heart of Gzira to find its historical houses of Maltese facades, timber and wrought iron balconies. This is a much sought after area to live in for both foreigners and Maltese people. It's close to the University of Malta and home to a thriving business hub with the online betting company Tipbet having its headquarters in the city.

Malta is said to be a "startup heaven" as its central position in the Mediterranean makes it a strategic hub of Europe and a possible relocation destination for United Kingdom startups looking for stability and a secure point of entry into the European market. The country has a sunny climate; a business friendly environment and most people speak English. Its government is aiding startups by offering incentives and it has only taken a few years for Malta to develop an efficient digital startup ecosystem. In 2016 "Silicon Valletta" was formed as a non-profit organization hoping to generate an organized local network for the Maltese digital sector plus to help and counsel startups, so that they can grow more successfully.

Coworking venues in Malta are giving its inventive souls the place to gather en masse to share skills, ideas and even the odd tear or two out of frustration, if they don't yet own one of the big yachts in the marina yet.