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About Caerphilly

Rivaling the lean on the "Leaning Tower of Pisa" is the South East Tower of Caerphilly Castle that actually has a greater lean to it, due to Cromwell's forces splitting it in 2 during 1648. It now leans 3 meters off balance.
Sitting in South Wales, Caerphilly is at the southern end of the Rhymney Valley in the county of Glamorgan and home to Caerphilly Cheese, the hard white crumbly stuff originally food for the local coal miners. A few miles north of Cardiff, this is the town to indulge your cheese fetish as the local production of Caerphilly cheese has been revived at the hands of some entrepreneurial artisans in the city.

Apart from munching on cheese or better yet, whilst you are busy taunting your taste buds, you can head to the Caerphilly Castle that is the largest castle in Wales to see for yourself the leaning tower. Just up the hill from the castle you will find a quirky statue of the city's most famous son, Tommy Cooper, a comedian and magician famous for wearing a bright red fez (aka hat) during his performances. To satisfy the shopping urge, there is the Caerphilly Indoor Market to head to for anything and everything.

The last weekend in July each year will have you amidst The Big Cheese Festival, definitely not for those that are dairy intolerant.

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