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229 EUR /m
StartDock, Amsterdam



StartDock embodies what coworking is about; collaboration over competition, standard friday afternoondrinks together, vis... More

129 EUR /m
Kleinhandel, Rotterdam



Kleinhandel is the biggest co-working space in the center of Rotterdam (next to Rotterdam Central station). A place for c... More

Wicked Grounds, Amsterdam

Wicked Grounds


Environment, diversity and community, at Wicked Grounds professional independents from various industries work better tog... More

49 EUR /m
DÉ PLEK, Eindhoven



Are you looking for an inspiring working environment, surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and at the same time peaceful en... More

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Een leuke community voor ondernemers. Er worden veel dingen georganiseerd om contact en uitwisseling tuss... Show More
Launchlab Coworking
Fujitsu Glovia BV has moved to the Microlab a couple of months ago and we can subscribe the difference be... Show More
Margot Zwegers
I've never been in this place but I had some problems with. They have button "free day pass" but further ... Show More
Sergey Rubtcov
The Commune is in the middle of the emerging design district of Rotterdam, and is part of the new life th... Show More
Andrea Manente

The first country in the world to put into practice a nationwide long-range network for the "Internet of Things", the Netherlands sits in northwestern Europe and is constantly associated with tulips, canals, windmills and bicycles weaving over a flat landscape. For the tourist it is a treat, as you can find in its capital city of Amsterdam the house of Jewish diarist Anne Frank, the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. From mansions perched on canals to the red light districts and a treasure trove of artists from the 17th Century "Golden Age", it is also where you get to hang out in a coffee shop and get totally stoned on marijuana.

Small and densely populated in Western Europe, it is where you will find the largest port in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam. Apart from swanning around Amsterdam, there are the cities of The Hague (dubbed the world's legal capital) and Rotterdam to explore. It is the world's 2nd largest exporter of food and agricultural products, due to the mild climate and its fertile soil. Regarded as a very liberal country, it isn't only marijuana that is legal. Abortion, prostitution, same sex-marriage and euthanasia are all legal in this country where it appears almost anything goes. The Netherlands is a part of the Schengen Zone, so make sure you count the days that you meander around in marijuana induced out of body experience.

The Netherlands has an Internet penetration rate of 95.5% (16,900,762 pop) with 56.2% of that number playing on Facebook. The country ranks in the top of the European Digital Startup scale over all the indicators required from a policy standpoint for improving and developing ecosystems for entrepreneurs. Many believe that the Netherlands is perched on the cusp of exploding into the digital world, having done the hard work to set the scene. Most of its citizens speak perfect English, the country has had a consistently excellent education system in place and the government is committed to tech entrepreneurship under the mentoring of the so-called "Internet Tsar" of Europe, Neelie Kroes. The Dutch have great strength in high-tech hardware, with both Netflix and Uber having their European headquarters located in Amsterdam.

Culturally rich and affordable, Amsterdam is a place where people want to live, which is a huge bonus for those that want to play in the digital world.

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