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Casa O has been a "home of opportunities" (as the name predicts) for my ideas, dreams and motivations. I ... Show More
Angela Sepulveda
Casa O is a great place to work because it has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that allow to focus a... Show More
Mystery Coworker
Casa O ha sido totalmente indispensable para mi emprendimiento, no solo he encontrado un lugar cómodo, a... Show More
Adriana Bernal Gaona
What I love about Casa O is that the ambiance makes you feel at home, but without the distractions of hom... Show More
Adam Rumjahn

Cali is the "booty" town of Colombia where surgically enhanced butts of the local women vie for more attention than the boob jobs as their skin-tight jeans and stiletto heels salsa around in the nightclubs.  It is definitely a case of adult only "Barbie" dolls on steroids. It is also where you will end up swinging from the chandeliers after downing a few of the locals' favorite beverage - Aguaroiente - a heady concoction made from sugar cane. 

The salsa dance here is a completely different step combination than the rest of world, which came from the influence of immigrants from Puerto Rico, Africa and Cuba in the late 1800's.  The salsa dance is endemic in their culture where kids are prancing as soon as they can walk, there are over 50's salsa schools, the Avenue 66 is wall to wall night clubs and large numbers of people are employed in the salsa industry as teachers, custom making dance shoes or vivid costumes. 

The third largest city in Colombia, Cali has wiped out its violent drug fuelled past where criminals reigned and is now laying out the welcome mat to the tourist market.  You will find friendly locals to chat to whilst gorging on empanadas, chicken or tortilla soup in funky cafes of buildings reminiscent of Havana in the 1950s.  The warm climate is usually blessed with a refreshing breeze, or you can always escape up a mountain road for a dose of refreshing cool air.  Cali is on the cheap side for travelers with an abundance of natural beauty, with the only drawback being few words of English are spoken.  Hand language and a Spanish dictionary can always overcome this drama.
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