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About Holmdel

If you are looking for tourist attractions, then Holmdel will leave you disappointed. A town in New Jersey it is more known for being a mum and dad town where the basketball hoop is displayed predominantly in the driveway, even if there are no kids living in the mammoth house. It is awash in swanky cars that sometimes bear the markings of running into a random deer that didn't move out of the way quickly enough. Apparently the rumor mill is alive and well in this small town (think around the 15,000 souls mark) and whatever you do will be talked about within 5 minutes of you doing it.

The origin of the town's name is somewhat in doubt. Some attributing it to the town being named after a family of early settlers named Holmes, whilst others believe it comes from the Dutch language of "Holm" and "del" translated to "pleasant valley". Holmdel sits 24 km west of the Jersey Shore and its only claim to fame appears to be its connection to Bell Labs that was important in relation to the "Big Bang" theory.

There is however the PNC Bank Arts Center to stroll around if you are desperate for something to do after gawking at the world's largest transistor, a saucer water tower invented by 3 lab researchers in 1947.

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