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A city perched on the central Pacific coastline of Costa Rica, Quepos is known as the gateway to the Manuel Antonio National Park (the most visited national park in the whole of the country) where you can meander through mangroves, lagoons and beach-lined rainforests whilst chattering to the plethora of monkeys hanging around. The capital of the Aguirre canton in the province of Puntarenas, Quepos has about 22,000 residents hanging out in one of the many bars, munching in restaurants or getting industrious in a coworking venue.
Originally home to the Quepoa Indians during the colonial era; it was in 1563 that the Spanish Catholic conquistadores invaded the region.

Quepos is inundated with gung-ho fishermen especially between the months of November to April when catching Pacific Sailfish are on the agenda. Sport fishing has put the city on the global map of those chasing big game fish whether you end up with a wahoo, snapper or a dorado on the end of your line. Sitting only 60km from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, Quepos is an aquatic playground.

Quepos has its own startup hub happening as Costa Rica does have quite a few benefits going for it by way of a strategic location for exporting and importing, technological services and products, practically everyone speaks English, plus it's a democratic republic guaranteeing the rights of foreign investors and companies.
Coworking in Quepos is for those who like to have their morning or afternoon breaks chasing big fish or splashing around in some of the most beautiful ocean water to get inspiration.