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Once home to the "Fasting Buddha" statue that is today displayed in the British Museum in London, Rawalpindi commonly known as "Pindi", sits in the Punjab province of Pakistan adjacent to Pakistan's capital city of Islamabad. These 2 cities are known as the "twin cities" due to the strong social and economic links between them. Rawalpindi is the 4th largest city by population in the whole of Pakistan, so you definitely won't have any trouble finding someone to ask directions to the nearest coworking venue if you get lost. Summers are hot and wet (think dripping in sweat), whilst its winters are a little bit cooler and drier reaching as low as below 0 so the thermal undies will have to come out. Rawalpindi averages a huge number of thunderstorms and strong windstorms that can reach up to 176km per hour, as it sits at the feet of the Himalayas making its weather quite variable.

Known for its ancient Buddhist heritage, the city has been over run by Gakhars, Sikhs, the British and was once home to the headquarters of the Pakistan Army for which it retains its status as a major military city. Rawalpindi serves as a bedroom community for workers in Islamabad and its international airport makes it a major logistics and transportation hub for northern Pakistan. History buffs will have plenty of wet panty moments as the city is awash in historic havelis and temples and serves as a base for tourists visiting Azad Kashmir, Taxila, Rohtas Fort and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Rawalpindi may not be a startup hub per se, but like the rest of Pakistan it's drawing inspiration from India just as Indian startups got theirs from American and Chinese startups. India and Pakistan share many things such as demographics, culture and certain languages that creates a pattern of emerging markets and target audiences that are in common. Both countries face similar problems in their ecosystems and Pakistan can learn a lot from the mistakes that India has already made. Pakistan's startup community is growing with its government supporting new enterprises. The country's Internet penetration is increasing and private organizations are helping to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the nation with many startups involved in the IT sector and online retail. Coworking venues are giving its intrepid souls the place to congregate in collaborative bliss where there is always a shoulder to cry on if need be.

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