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I am an online ESL teacher who had been seeking a vibrant and friendly coworking community in an affordab... Show More
Jean Sibley
Bansko Coworking is awesome international community of interesting peoples with a plenty of common intere... Show More
Артем Черневский
When it comes to coworking, it's tough to find a space that focuses on community as much as career develo... Show More
Mystery Coworker
My stay in Bansko while working at the coworking space charged me with positivity and made future seem br... Show More
Evelina Sharapanova

Bansko, sitting at the base of the Pirin Mountains in southwest Bulgaria is more for the ski powder hounds wanting a snow flake to land in their mouth whilst careering down a white slope. For the professional remote worker who thrives on chasing that perfect ski run, Bansko will be nirvana.

You can forego your caffeine hit and grab your snowboard for a quick 20 minute jaunt or totally run away from the coworking office and take your chances on the challenging Tomba run on Todorka Peak. The craggy landscape is where bears and wolves frolic amidst densely forested ridges and achingly beautiful glacial lakes. More and more hotels are sprouting up in the town, as well as coworking spaces for those meandering nomads with laptops who require to do a bit of work in between skiing escapades to keep their lifestyle afloat. There is a dynamic après-ski culture and at altitudes from 900m to 2600m there are brilliant pistes that draw the British, the Russians as well as the locals each winter.

With over 200 kilometres of trails, you will never have to hike, mountain bike or ski the same one twice. This is definitely the town for the adventurous soul into nature where scaling a jagged cliff face is an alternative to tapping on your laptop. The downside to lingering in this town will be the temptation to build a snowman, rather than create your unicorn startup.

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