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The capital of Belgium, Brussels is a grand dame and a hot spot for trendy European weekend getaways. It is the heart of European culture, headquarters for the European Union and internationally known for its sublime chocolate and libating beers. There are over 90 museums to pore over, stunning parks to saunter through and stylish restaurants and cafes to haunt. Brush up on your sexy French accent as Belgium is bilingual, having both Dutch and French in everyday speech with a miniscule smattering of German spoken.

You can get to Brussels from anywhere in Europe by train, plane and even by ferry. In comparison to Paris or London, Brussels is the cheap option. It is a mecca for shopaholics, museum addicts and comic strip book fanatics. One of the busiest cities in Europe, Belgium presents a double-sided face of contemporary nuances with age-old historical influences.

Beginning its life as a 10th Century village, Brussels has morphed into a powerhouse hub of international business where cobble stoned streets are the backdrop for towering glass corporation edifices. This in turn has created a society where one third are non-Belgian and cultural differences create a mish-mash diversity. The weather is temperamental to say the least, somewhat schizophrenic with its heat, rain and weeks of snow. Bureaucratic by nature, the Belgians love their paperwork, pretty stamps and police checks.

The STIB Inspectors on the metro will scare you to death even when you have your ticket in your hand, mammoth moustache bearing marching bands will hog the roadways, outrageously quirky shop window displays will haunt your nights and the landmark statue "Mannkein Pis" will send you over the top when dressed as Elvis. For those lacking in funds on the odd occasion, you can count on a beer and a bar snack constituting as dinner for some.

Coworking in Brussels About Brussels

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A city perched on the Seine river, nestled in the middle of Western Europe, Brussels coworking space is a brilliant idea for those looking for a magical and delicious city out of which to work. A European economic and enterprise hub, Brussels is also home to numerous world heritage sites, and is categorized as an Alpha global city. Work space in Brussels is ideal for those wishing to be located in the cultural and financial hub, at the center of international politics, or enjoy world-class history and art museums. The rapid transit system is ideal for commuting, and the city is highly walkable in general. Check out our listings for coworking space in Brussels if this dream city sounds like a place you would like to call home.

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Whatever the needs of your business for coworking in Brussels, Coworker has you covered. Looking for reception services? We have that. What about printing and scanning needs? Also an option we have. From conference rooms to office supplies, we are certain to have a work space in Brussels that is the perfect fit for you. One of the major perks of Bruxelles coworking space is the up-front savings and overhead involved in setting up a traditional office. Because your company will share the work space, so too will you share the operation costs, amenities, services, etc.

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Not only does Coworker have the best coworking spaces in Bruxelles from which to choose, we are a company that prides itself on top customer service around the world. Spanning over 170 countries, we have hundreds of new spaces that join each month, which means you can source new and exciting shared office space in Brussels any time that is convenient for you. Discover our incredible selection and get coworking in Brussels now.

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