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An affluent city snuggled into the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains of California; Rancho Cucamonga sits 60km east of downtown Los Angeles. The region has a history of wine growing, which is reflected in the city's seal. This is a major transportation hub, as well as being home to several of the nation's largest corporations, such as Coca-Cola, Nong Shim, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals and Frito-Lay. Said to have the 13th richest neighborhood in Southern California (just behind Bel Air of Los Angeles), Rancho Cucamonga is where not just the wealth shines, as the sun glows 287 days per year. The city has a population of 165,269, so there are plenty of locals to mingle and play with at the local coworking venue.

Predominantly an urban space, the city is also the major centre for the logistics industry in Southern California, as it's close to 2 interstate highways and the Ontario International Airport. The name "Cucamonga" has been bandied around by Jack Benny (the comedian) and in the 1970s on Sesame Street plus in Bugs Bunny cartoons. The city was actually featured in the stoner comedy film "Next Friday" in 2000.

There are a lot of brains walking around the streets of California, as the California Institute of Technology generates more patents than any other university in the United States and the University of California in Los Angeles more startups. In fact the area has a startup density on a par with many Silicon Valley cities. California is said to offer to the next generation of tech innovators the perfect base to launch startups with its strong university system, access to funding, brainpower and talent, plus a strong ecosystem and it offers a great lifestyle where the weather is warm. With many graduates wanting to stay on their own home territory, coworking venues have become the playground and the hangout for many creatives where they can get support, mingle with likeminded souls and get their stuff done.