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Sitting a mere 30 km from the Chinese border, it is no wonder that over a million Chinese tourists flock here annually, to get a taste of Europe. Located where the Amur and the Ussuri Rivers meet, it is the second largest city in the Russian Far East on the Trans-Siberian railway line. The city has a distinct international feel that is rare for provincial Russian cities due to large amounts of money spent on the renovations of old classical buildings. Historically the area of the Amur Valley in which the city sits, was the scene of many battles between the Russian Cossacks and the Manchu Qing Dynasty. This was followed by nearly a century of fights between the Koreans, Chinese and the Cossacks. The Trans-Siberian Railway reached the city in 1897 and the Japanese occupied Khabarovsk, during much of the Russian Civil War.

To get around the city you can either jump on board a tram or a trolleybus, but the privately owned ones stop running when it is no longer profitable, so if you don't want to be squished and hampered in your sightseeing bliss then explore on foot. The city is quite compact to negotiate in walking mode with a fantastic route to follow from the Lenin Square to the Amur River via the main street of Muraviev-Amursky. There are gorgeous parks to have time-out in, outdoor beer tents to quench your thirst at and classic architecture to gaze at along the way. You can learn about the local history at the Regional Lore Museum and the Natural History Museum, or check out the Nanai Settlement of Sikhachi-Alyan, where you can see cliff drawings from more than 1,300 years ago. You can take a quick dip at the City Beach along the River Promenade or watch the Khabarovsk Circus and let the inner child rule. Catch a concert or performance in the huge Theater of Musical Comedy that can seat up to 900 people or head to the Triada Pantomime Theater for a giggle. If you are into a bit of sports, go to the Platinum Arena and watch a hockey game.

Don't forget to buy your Russian nesting doll "Matreshka" (aka Matryoshka) and beware of the racial ethnic gangs (aka Stolz Khabarovsk) who pick on LGBT travelers and foreigners of African or Asian descent.

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