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About Dunajska Streda

Sitting in the south of Slovakia, Dunajska Streda has a small population of about 22,477 souls meandering its streets, but it's the most important town of the Zitny Ostrov area. With a long history going back to the Neolithic, Bronze, Roman and Great Moravian period, it began as a tiny market town that was later amalgamated with several other small settlements. There is a castle to get excited about that houses a museum and a few churches to poke your nose into if you wish to say a little prayer. Today it's one of the fastest growing cities in the country and with coworking venues appearing on its streets, its innovative locals have somewhere to hang out in collaborative bliss whilst getting creative.

Dunajska Streda is definitely not a tech or startup hub, but more of an escape hatch for those over being in a smog filled big city environment. This is where you can do your own thing and create your own serendipity work/life balance. Slovakia's startup scene is dominated by founders under the age of 35 with 85% having a university or college degree. Most bootstrap without an external investor and with the introduction of laws defining what a "startup is" in 2017, it has opened the door for many to get government help by way of hiring personal coaches, less government paperwork and a web site dedicated to information about support schemes.

Coworking venues play an important role allowing inventive souls to mingle in one space where they can collaborate and learn from each other.