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Very pleasant place to work and meet other entrepreneurs. Staff is friendly and accomodating. Offices and... Show More
Davor Buklijaš
Working in a place like this allows you to feel comfortable in a very beautiful environment with young an... Show More
Patricija Ivanuš
Very friendly and professional, ready to help you with all you need. I recommend it!
Vanja Brkljac
Nice team of young people taking care about everything. Ideal place if you do not like corporate stile pl... Show More
Matija Fontana

The town that digital nomads love due to the proliferation of free Wi-Fi throughout the city - in fact there is a Facebook page offering the passwords - is way ahead of its game for the globe trotting Wi-Fi dependent soul.

Saturated in history from the Roman times, Zagreb is the northwestern capital of Croatia. This is cafe territory where sipping espresso and watching the passing parade is a way of life for the locals. Located on the Sava River, it is the only city with a population of over 1 million people in Croatia, so you definitely have a lot of different shaped bodies to watch.

Cloaked in 18th and 19th Century Austro-Hungarian architecture, it is known for the stunning Gothic twin-spired Zagreb Cathedral and the 13th Century St Mark's Church with its colorful tiled roof. You can stroll along the pedestrian only Tkalciceva Street or meander around the main square with its plethora of shops and museums.

The city is the latest trendy destination for Germans and the Dutch seeking warmer weather and the social lifestyle. Saturday mornings are spent in the markets and sipping coffee in your glamorous gear. A must-do is to have a gawk at the medieval mountain fortress Medvedgrad - suspected to be home to a cursed snake queen in its tunnels. The museum buff will wet their pants, as there are more museums per capita than anywhere else in the world - hence the nickname of "the city of museums". There is even a "Museum of Broken Relationships" - quirky and melancholy, it is devoted to mementos from relationships of all kinds.

The Dolac market, known as the "Belly of Zagreb", is where the gastronomists congregate and the place to sample the traditional aromatic biscuit "paprenjak" - think of a combination of honey, walnuts and pepper - definitely not your average biscuit to dip in your tea. If you are a cat lover you should head to the mountain house retreat of Gorscica - a hiking path up the mountains of Medvednica above Zagreb - for some feline affection in peace and quiet, apart from classical music being played by the staff.

Don't forget to jump on the funicular for the world's shortest street-car ride you will ever experience - it connects the upper and lower parts of the city only.

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