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40 BRL /d
Coollabore, Itajai



Coollabore Smart Office is the most complete and modern office in these área, designed to potencialize your productivity... More

40 BRL /d
CoNéctar Coworking, Ribeirao Preto

CoNéctar Coworking


Ambiente CoNectar coworking is located in the heart of Ribeirao Preto. Nicknamed the Brazilian California due to its econ... More

60 BRL /d
Colab Coworking, Sao Paulo

Colab Coworking


COLAB Coworking is an innovative concept in collaborative workspace, enabling the exchange of knowledge, skills and expe... More

60 BRL /d
Blocktime Coworking, Sao Paulo

Blocktime Coworking


Coworking is more than a workplace, it's a new style of life! Share experiences and make new friendships with your fell... More

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Grate time
Eduardo Correa
Empesa de excelência e qualidade na prestacão dos seus servicos.
The people are so friendly and gentle, the modern and sophisticated structure creates an inspirational a... Show More
Leonardo Aguiar
incredible atmosphere, wonderful events
Mario Lucena

Sitting on one of the 7 continents in the world, Brazil is in South America, which stretches from the Amazon Basin (north) to the massive Iguaçu Falls (south). Brazil is a vast country known for its Ipanema beaches, the bustling Copacabana and the scintillating and rowdy Carnival festival where doing the samba in the street is expected.

Prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup (held in Brazil) the government legislated tax breaks for new telecom investments in networks that supported access to mobile or fixed broadband and more improvements should be seen with the 2016 Olympic Games happening in Brazil. The Internet usage in Brazil doubled in the years 2005 to 2008 with now over 35.5 million souls using it and the sales of computers has soared. Brazil is predominantly an at-home net surfing population but with well over 35 coworking spaces already up and running, some locals must be venturing out.

Digital nomads generally have a mixed perception of working in Brazil, ranging from loving it (those with a high level of tolerance) to those hating it. As with any country there are a certain number of cultural differences that can't be ignored and some have logistical dramas. The Brazilian folks are a likeable bunch with a great zest for life that does rub off if you hang out with them. Great music, good food and rowdy conversations are the revolving issues for any night out where anyone can be mistaken for a local (change your body language to that of a confident outgoing strut and wear what the locals do) of course when you open your mouth, this will all change.

Points in the digital nomad compatibility scale need to be deducted for the red tape of the bureaucracy (for getting a SIM card or extending your visa), the unstable economy and it is not exactly a cheap place to live. Not many Brazilians can speak English, so you will have to brush up on your Portuguese. Because of the country's size, you won't just be jumping around from city to city like an over-excited bunny.

The biggest challenge will be finding reliable Wi-Fi to use outside of coworking spaces, apart from the visa issues.

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