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Lekki, 01-6304503

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Lekki, Plot13, Block 125c

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About Lekki

Previously a slum named "Maroko" that was destroyed by the Lagos State Military Government, this town will have the most expensive real estate in Lagos State when completed. Planned to be a "Blue-Green Environment City", Lekki is basically under construction and is expected to accommodate over 3.4 million residents and a further non-residential population of at least 1.9 million. Phase 1 of the city has been completed, with Phase 2 happening. When finished it will contain housing estates, gated residential developments, and agricultural farmlands, areas designated as Free Trade Zones, an airport and a seaport. Sitting on the eastern side of Lagos City on a naturally formed peninsula it adjoins Victoria Island, Ikoyi districts, Lagos and Lekki Lagoons as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

Nigeria is a country where you will notice the friendly locals hustling from dawn to dusk making ends meet. They take no notice of designated road crossings but prefer to tackle the cars head on wherever they feel like getting to the other side, projectiles such as bananas or oranges whizz from moving vehicles and lateness is acceptable, as it is "African" time.
In the commercial capital of Lagos that is near by you will find a bustling 17.5 million city inhabitants, as it is the largest city in Africa. There are over a dozen beaches to run to for a swim, with Lekki Beach one of the better for a picnic or barbecue after that dive in the water. You could go for a surf at Tarkwa Bay, if the fancy takes you. The local boisterous markets are colorful and exotic to meander around, overflowing with eager traders trying to grab your attention. You can always check out the Lekki Conservation Center, a haven for animals and birds with pathways to stroll around and bench seats to put your rear end on. The museum nut can go berserk squandering time at the National Museum of Nigeria or the Didi Museum, whilst the art lover can have a peek through the Nike Art Gallery.

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