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Sitting in the southeast of Mexico, Ciudad del Carmen is located between the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna de Terminos that is a protected natural area for dolphins and turtles and linked to the mainland via the Puente Zacatal Bridge. It is the 2nd biggest city in the Campeche state and was once dependent on jumbo shrimp, dyewood and "chicle" (gum) for its livelihood. Investment poured in during the late 1970s when oil was discovered and the population swelled. Coworking is making a slow appearance, but it is showing its face in a city that is known for its colonial buildings, beaches and seafood.

Mexico has one of the fastest growing tech hubs in Latin America and it is changing the face of many cities' neighborhoods. With an unstoppable entrepreneurship and innovation movement happening that began from the bottom in local communities rather than in a sterile boardroom, Ciudad del Carmen is joining the throng. The startup community is a tight-knit affair due to its youthful population, a university system producing more than 130,000 engineers every year and a deep connection to its culture. Coworking is the perfect place for locals to forge meaningful relationships where social enterprises come to the fore.

Coworking in Ciudad del Carmen is giving the locals a space where the startup scene and its culture of innovation can shine in a country that traditionally has been reluctant to stand out.