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With its timeless beauty, ancient ruins, wild coastline and incredible cuisine, Syracuse sits on the Ionian coast of Sicily. Flush with citrus orchards, medieval lanes and cafe tables in the sun, its amazing sparkling blue sea will tempt you into its cold waters. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Syracuse is mentioned in the Bible in the Acts of the Apostles book. Its old, super old, as it was founded by ancient Greek Corinthians and had power over the entire Magna Graecia equaling the size of Athens during the 5th Century BC. Eventually the city of Palermo nudged it out of its role as the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily. Its' locals are referred to as "Siracusans" and its population is around the 125,000 mark. Brainpower really does run in the veins of the Siracusans, as this is where the famous mathematician and engineer, Archimedes, was born. Coworking has come to its streets that overflow with vino, pasta and the best gelato in the world that can be found in Noto just outside of Syracuse's walls.

Known for its culture, amphitheaters and architecture, in Syracuse you will even find a limestone cave shaped like a human ear. There are Old Testament scenes carved into white marble, Roman portraits and terracotta artifacts on display in the Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi and the central Archaelogical Park Neapolis is where you can gawk at the Roman Amphitheater. Once the largest city in the ancient world, it is where you can stuff yourself silly with fresh produce from tomatoes to olives, aubergines (aka eggplant) to seafood that is still flapping. Its' cuisine has been influenced over the years by the French plus Arabic and North African settlers.

Syracuse today is a magnet for remote workers, innovative souls and creatives, just as it was for marauding hordes over the eons. Coworking venues are creating an exciting environment for entrepreneurs and startups that have no desire to head to the big smoke on the main land to see their dreams come to fruition.

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