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A city sitting in Lower Egypt, Zagazig is in the eastern section of the Nile delta with a population of about 302,611 inhabitants. Located on a branch of the Sweet Water Canal and on the ancient Tanaitic channel of the Nile known as al-Muˤizz Canal, it is about 47 miles from Cairo. This fertile district is the center of the cotton and grain trade and is cloaked in large cotton factories where once European merchants had their offices. Here you will find one of the largest universities in Egypt, Zagazig University, plus various colleges in the fields of science and the arts. There is also a branch of the Al-Azhar University, which is the largest Islamic university in the world. It was the birthplace of the famous Coptic Egyptian journalist, philosopher and social critic, Salama Moussa. Today Zagazig, like the rest of the nation is nurturing its tech savvy youth with the opening of coworking venues throughout the city.

Egypt is one of the fastest growing countries for startups and entrepreneurs with the whole country experiencing strong growth in mobile and web-based industries. This country is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs who have marketing skills and plenty of perseverance and patience. With half of its population of 90 million below the age of 30, tech savvy, inventive and hungry for work, it is a startup's paradise.

A city for the history buffs who can run out the door of their coworking space and check out relics from ancient times during a lunch break, Zagazig is a dynamic and happening city.

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