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About Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella is more than just the capital of Andorra. It’s also an ideal location to cowork from. Andorra la Vella is located at high altitude in the east Pyrenees Mountains. In fact, at just over 1 kilometer above sea level (1,023 meters), Andorra la Vella is the highest capital in all of Europe. As a result, locals can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains at their leisure. There’s definitely something grounding about being able to take in such magnificent views from an effortless glance out your window.

Apart from exceptional views, Andorra la Vella also offers entrepreneurs and professionals a favorable business environment. Many foreigners use Andorra as a tax haven. While this results in a small amount of foreign income, Andorra’s main economic driver is its tourism industry. 80% of the country’s GDP is the result of its 10 million annual tourists.

Interesting opportunities are available in Andorra if you’re in the import/export business. The country’s most widely produced goods are its furniture and brandies. Most of Andorra’s food is also imported. Along with some of the cheapest cigars in Europe, electronics and other luxury goods also tend to be cheaper in Andorra because of the low taxes. 

If you’re looking to develop your professional career or build a team, active startup and networking groups can be found in the capital’s multiple coworking spaces. Though the tech and startup scene in Andorra la Vella isn’t huge, it’s surprisingly active for being such a small capital.