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The second largest city in Belarus, Gomel is also known as Homiel or Homel. Sitting in the southeastern corner of Belarus, not very far from the infamous Chernobyl nuclear plant, it dates back to the 12th Century. Regarded as an educational center, it is home to several schools such as the Francysk Skaryna Homiel State University and the Homiel State Medical University. From here it is easy to get to Minsk, Kiev or Moscow and probably will not be on the list of top places to visit. You will have to brush up on your Russian or Belorussian, if you want to have chitchat with the locals, although some of the young generation do have a bit of a grasp of English. The local public transport is cheap, but not especially cheerful, unless you smile first. There are plenty of trolley buses trundling around the city for when your feet are tired.

Of course there is a Puppet and Youth Theater, also the de rigueur State Circus to rush to for performances and the Gomel Regional Belarusian Drama Theater for the arty types to visit. You can meander around the Art Gallery or take long walks along the banks of the Sozh River. The museum on offer is of the military variety where you can gawk at uniforms, weapons, aircraft and even a steam train. The must do would be to scoff as much chocolate as possible, as it is made locally and is sublime.

A word of warning, both the chocolate and your drinks at the night-club will not be on the cheap side, so make sure your wallet is fat with local currency.

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