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Brno, Holandská 2/4

CZK 5,490 / pp / month

Brno, 516/1 Josefská

CZK 354 / pp / day

Brno, 3 Moravské náměstí

CZK 10,500 / pp / month

Brno, 13 Veletržní

CZK 2,541 / pp / month

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About Brno

Among the Czechs, Brno is considered to be a dull place where nothing much happens (consider the fact that a movie was made named "Boredom in Brno") so if you are here for awhile you may have to contend with slurping on goulash soup and swilling the local brew of beer to entertain yourself.

The rap it gets is debatable, as it is over run with tens of thousands of students making a boisterous and lively place pulsating with bars, clubs and funky cafes that some say rivals the scene in Prague. There are plenty of museums to poke your nose into, if that is your thing, or if you are chasing divine intervention you will not be short of churches or monasteries to slink into. For the beer drinker it may just be heaven, as there are 2 microbreweries worth having a drink or 2 or 3 at.

Known for its modernist buildings, the architecture lover will not be disappointed. You can meander around the restored and now UNESCO protected Villa Tugendhat that is a masterwork of functionalist design. The museum buff will love the medieval Spilberk Castle that was a former prison complete with vaulted tunnels to explore. You can grab amazing views over the city from the steeple of the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul.

The Moravian Karst and Caves are famous for its cool air and stunning caverns that cover some 100 square kilometers of gorges and caves to explore. The more adrenalin junkie soul will be able to get up close and personal with a qualified spelunker as a guide. You can have your fill of stalagmites and stalactites from well-lit passageways or if you like to be a gentle observer, go for a boat tour along the underground river. Don't miss out on the Mococha Abyss, where you can take a selfie on a viewing platform as you peer into its deep chasm.

Brno has one of the largest exhibition centers in the whole of Europe and is home to motorbike races and the road racing World Championship Grand Prix.

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