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About Madison

Home to the world's largest Brat Fest (imagine 209,376 brats) being chomped down during one festival, Madison is a university town sitting in the southeastern corner of New Haven County, Connecticut. First settled in 1641, it wasn't incorporated as a town until 1826. A relatively small town with most of the population under 30 years of age due to the number of students in the city, it has been labeled the most walkable city, the best road-biking city, the most gay friendly, the most vegetarian friendly and environmentally friendly - Madison is plainly a super friendly city to be in.

The city has been the backdrop in more than 10 movies such as "The Last Kiss", "Public Enemies" and "I Love Trouble" to name a few. The locals love to buy their books to read, as they buy more books than anywhere else in the country. Maybe that is why there have been 24 Pulitzers and 17 Nobel prizes handed out to the University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty or alumni...the locals are a well-read bunch.

A somewhat grassy state capital with very liberal leanings, it is sometimes referred to as "The City of Four Lakes" despite the fact that there are actually 5 lakes - Lake Monona, Lake Mendota, Lake Waubesa, Lake Kegonsa and the fifth is Lake Wingra.
Snuggled onto a narrow isthmus between Mendota and Monona Lakes, it is only 1 of 2 cities in the United States built on an isthmus (a narrow strip of land with water on either side). There are over 260 parks to stroll around in the city, covering about 6,000 acres of parkland.

There is a fantastic local foodie scene and the annual Great Taste of The Midwest Craft Beer Festival will quench any thirsty thoughts you may have.