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Sitting in the southwest of Germany and home to one of Europe's oldest universities, Eberhard Karls University, Tubingen is a typical student town (one third of its population of 89,011 are in university) perched on a ridge between the Neckar and Ammer Rivers. It's located about 30km south of the capital of Stuttgart and has an old medieval town worth poking your nose around for its historical buildings such as the 15th Century City Hall topped with an astronomical clock and a castle that is home to the Museum of Ancient Cultures. There is a late-Gothic church with stained-glass windows and views to die for where you can whip in and say a little prayer for some heavenly help with your startup on the way to your coworking venue. Cloaked in forest and the swelling breasts of hills, its history can be traced back to the 12th millennium BC; it wasn't until 1191 that it appeared in the history books.

A town that has one of the highest qualities of life in the whole of Germany, Tubingen's old town is totally pedestrianized so you don't have to worry about being run over by a car; you merely just have to listen for the tinkle of a bicycle overtaking you. You can meander its crooked cobblestone alleys, climb stair alleyways through its hilly streets or stroll along canals littered with traditional half-timbered houses. There is a plethora of beer gardens along the riverbanks and weekly markets will have you fossicking amidst the colorful array of items. Tubingen is the start of the pilgrimage route of "Way of St James" and the town boasts numerous choirs, theater companies and nightclubs.

Germany's startup scene is thriving with opportunities in spite of it being a bit of a mixed bag with almost 30% of startup staff not being German. There are a few hurdles to overcome such as red tape hassles, language barriers and the fact that most founders wish to hire skilled foreign workers. Eight out of ten German startups wish to go international, but legal systems and regulations may be inhibitors in this regard. Despite these niggles, coworking spaces are overflowing with creatives in collaborative mode whilst mingling within a vibrant community.