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About Noosa Heads

The surfing mecca on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia, Noosa Heads is actually a town and a suburb that sits about 136km north of the state's capital, Brisbane. This has been a prime hot spot as a tourist destination, both domestic and international for eons with its stunning golden beaches, mega festivals and the street to-be-seen in, Hastings Street that is flooded with boutiques, funky cafes, hotels and diverse restaurants. Over the years it has been fought over by those that wish to retain its beachside charm and those who wish to develop its beachside shores. It is little wonder that coworking spaces have opened up in Noosa Heads due to its popularity amongst the tech savvy youth who have no desire whatsoever to leave their own sandy backyard.

Noosa Heads is no tech hub per se, but it does have its intrepid and creative souls meandering around or riding the waves at the famous Noosa National Park where you can actually peek at a koala or 2 if you are lucky. The Australian government has unveiled a new trial visa scheme aimed at fixing Australia's tech talent shortage, which is being hailed as a game changer for the local fast-growing startups. This new "Global Talent Scheme" visa for one year replaces the short-term working visa. It will allow companies who operate in STEM-related fields to hire up to 5 people per year on this visa with applicants being eligible for permanent residency after 3 years. Startups in Australia are celebrating this new support.

Noosa Heads looks set to become a hot spot for those individuals on the startup road who have a hankering to be beside the seaside. The bonus is the fact that when your brain is about to implode from too much work you can jump in the ocean or ride a wave.