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50000 COP /d
HubBOG, Bogota



Located in Colombia’s vibrant capital city of Bogota, with it’s historic downtown with cobbled streets and 300-year-o... More

35000 COP /d
LYD House, Barranquilla

LYD House


LYD House is the ultimate social coworking space in Latin America for those who wish to make their dream a reality. We st... More

51000 COP /d
Co+Labora, Bogota



Located at the heart of Usaquen, Colabora is a working platform formed by a community of like minded individuals, free la... More

55125 COP /d
Tinkko Milla de Oro, Medellin

Tinkko Milla de Oro


Hello Coworkers! We are a coworking space located in the city of Medellín, where it is possible to meet different pro... More

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Manuel Londoño

Cowork in Colombia

Over the past few years, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colombia has expanded rapidly, meaning that more startups than ever before are looking for shared work spaces to operate from. While Bogota and Medellin are the two most prominent cities in the spotlight for their startup successes and the office space rentals catering to them, the country’s third and fourth largest cities – Cali and Barranquilla – are also becoming entrepreneurial hubs for coworking. Investors are beginning to develop the infrastructure needed for the startup culture to thrive, which now includes coworking spaces and shared office space rentals.

Rise of Coworking Space in Colombia

A number of innovative cowork spaces have popped up in Colombia’s main cities to promote business development and innovative projects. Startup accelerators like HubBog and support from the Colombian government have allowed many young companies to thrive in shared work spaces across the country. Some of these coworking spaces even offer members the option to both cowork and co-live, providing long-term accommodation alongside hot desks and private office space rentals.

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Whether you are a small business owner, a member of a large corporation, or a freelancer, finding a coworking space in Colombia that fits with your professional needs is simple once you assess your options. If you want to experience a community-centric work space, Coworker can help you navigate your search by allowing you to read member reviews from the many different cowork spaces in Colombia. You can also filter your search by features like price, location, and accessibility so that you can find the ideal shared work space for your business needs.

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Colombia is quickly overcoming its 20th century reputation of being thenotorious crown of the illicit drug trade. It has now replaced this reputation with one of a throbbing tech hub for startups. Sitting in the northern tip of South America draped in lush dense rainforests, soaring mountains and coffee plantations as well as other plantations that won't be mentioned here, it has an established startup ecosystem with huge potential happening for the innovative young generation to take advantage of. The capital, Bogotá, is known for its shopping, restaurants and bars, whilst Cartagena squatting on the Caribbean coast is a walled colonial Old Town with a 16th Century castle and endless beaches. Bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, it is a country rich in culture.

The government's wish list includes having 63% of the country's population (43.9 million) connected to broadband by 2018. Colombia has the third largest population in Latin America and is the third largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world. It does have a number of advantages on the global front, such as its rapidly growing GDP with low inflation, decreasing figures in the poverty and unemployment bracket that in part can be attributed to tech-based programs aimed at addressing the issues of inequality. There are a wealth of competitive public incentives and structural growth that is attracting immigration. Its geographical location to the US is a plus, with its main rival being Mexico. There is more than 38 private equity, venture capital or seed fund companies in the country, with the Government putting in place numerous initiatives to support and promote tech innovation and new ventures. Bogota is the forerunner of the capital cities emerging as the place to be, as it is home to the national government, the country's corporate and financial institutions as well as having the most diverse ex-pat and immigrant community within its folds.

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