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About Patreksfjordur

A tiny town that is more a village, Patreksfjordur was named after St Patrick who was the spiritual guide of the original settler in the area, who came from the Hebrides. With an economy predominantly based on its fisheries, this is no bustling startup hub but a quaint community of souls, think 687 people. Coworking has come to Patreksfjordur to satisfy the intrepid soul that may want to live in a blissful place, but who has their finger on the pulse of the bigger global picture.

Iceland in total only has some 330,000 inhabitants, but the kicker is the fact that some of the world's leading companies have been founded in this tiny country. It has been the birthplace for cutting edge technology for food processing plus the field of prosthetics and is currently considered to be the cradle of virtual reality development. Due to its geographical location, Iceland relies heavily on international networks, transport and communication. With a strong economic growth projected, it is little wonder that small towns such as Patreksfjordur have become coworking space havens for Icelandic spirits.

Fostering a 2nd generation of entrepreneurs at the grassroots level and with increased startup activity across various sectors, the allure to live in such small communities and yet be able to still be a part of the global picture, must be very tempting to the Scandinavian entrepreneurial mentality. Patreksfjordur's strong creative industry has found a home in coworking spaces, where pathways for funding, mentorship and support is on hand, despite there being only 1 hotel and 2 restaurants in the town.