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Mount Pleasant sits in Isabella County, Central Michigan with a population of 26,016 locals who are known as "townies" meandering its streets, sipping espresso in cafes or running off to a coworking venue to get some work done. Home to the Central Michigan University and the Soaring Eagle Casino, the city has a rural small town feel full of charm and quirks. A town where everyone knows everyone else and gossip is a sport, Mount Pleasant is where you may find yourself at school with half of your cousins. Extensive family tree research has to be done to conclude whether you are lusting after a blood relation and seeing an Amish horse and buggy on the road is normal.

Michigan has a tight-knit tech community spread throughout its small towns of eclectic gung-ho entrepreneurs who love to hang out in tribal bliss collaborating and supporting new ventures or mad ideas that may or may not see the light of day. It's a research powerhouse with heaps of ecosystems happening where magic occurs every day. Because of its small size geographically, sharing is caring, loyalty is everything and introductions are a given when needed. The Michigan Venture Capital Association provides growth reports of the tech industry in the region and it appears that there is a powerhouse of women founders. Economic development programs keep pace with the rapidly evolving ecosystem happening in a state that has historically seen the rise and fall of industry.

The intrepid tech savvy souls of Michigan will not be defeated and coworking venues have become the battleground for many intent on seeing the success of their startup venture.