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Ghent is the land of "paardenlookworst" a traditional horsemeat and garlic sausage, where tourists are sparse on the ground, riding a bicycle is de rigueur and drinking beer is a national pass time. Located between Brussels and Bruges, Ghent is a port city that is being given a face-lift by a young innovative crew who are invading the culinary/bar scene.

A university town with a medieval historical center that is pedestrian only and canal side architecture, it is perched beside the Leie River Harbor. It is small enough to fall in love with, think romantic and picturesque, but large enough to have a vibrant and colorful nightlife as if you were in Brussels.

The locals love their town that is overflowing with 70,000 students, which in turn equates to about 300 bars for intellectual stimulation. Apart from invading the inner city limits, the up and coming outer neighborhoods of Sint-Amandsberg, Gentbrugge and Muide are being transformed into quirky no-fuss restaurants and clubs, yet still retaining the decor of the old buildings.

Compliments of the rampant university hormones, there is a lively music, theater and art scene, great boutique shopping and friendly locals, making this a super livable city. Ghent is a town to leisurely take in at a slow pace. Made for exploring on foot, you can make numerous stops along the way when you can indulge in superb coffee, pig out on silky smooth chocolate or eat the local specialty "waterzooi", chicken soup.