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Home to the stinky smelling durian fruit that you are not allowed to take on planes let alone many other places; Davao sits near the Philippines highest peak, Mount Apo. It is a coastal commercial center with the Davao River cutting it in half, known for its colorful indigenous sculptures and lighted fountains plus the Durian Dome.

A sprawling city embracing the coworking ethic, similar to that of Manila, but with so much more of everything - think malls, choking traffic, plush subdivisions hidden behind security gates and multinational companies. Located in the shadow of Mount Apo, Davao is only a short drive or boat ride to white-sand beaches or forested slopes for when you have had enough of tapping on a laptop.

For those freelancers who like to puff on a cigarette, Davao may not be the place for you to set up shop with its tough anti-smoking laws virtually making it impossible to suck on a nicotine stick anywhere but in your own residence or in a private car. Putting this aside, it is a friendly city where you can have a good lifestyle without breaking your bank balance. There are over 120 languages and dialects spoken throughout the Philippines but the official languages are Filipino and English, so you won't have many lost in translation moments or worries about learning the local lingo if you are not inclined to stretch your brain cells.

For the outdoor enthusiast or the adventure hunter looking for somewhere to play on your days off from the grindstone of work, the challenge of scaling the grandfather of all Philippine mountains or merely hiking its wild trails will beckon to your wild side. Davao is known as the "Sashimi Capital of the Philippines", so the foodies will have a gluttonous time tasting the Filipino equivalent known as "kinilaw" that is dished up in restaurants around the city.

Ranked as one of the top ten Asian cities of the future by the Financial Times Group, it is no wonder that progressive Davao with its modern topography that will dazzle you is seeing more and more coworking spaces become the norm for professional locals to hang out in. It is a melting pot of diverse cultures with a fairly large expatriate community soaking up its exotic ambiance.

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