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About Porvorim

You will either love it or hate it and a stint here will definitely be a challenge. The legislative capital of Goa sits on the north bank of the Mandovi River, whilst the administrative capital of Panaji is on the opposite bank. A residential upmarket area officially referred to as a "village", Porvorim is really a suburb of Panaji. You will find all of the facilities associated with a small city including coworking spaces dotted around its streets.

A Portuguese colony prior to 1961, Goa sits on the Arabian Sea in western India. Known for its laid-back fishing villages and tourist invaded stretches of sand at popular beaches such as Baga and Palolem. It has already hatched numerous startups on the global scene despite its lack of experienced technical and design talent. The country has a problem with "brain drain" as many of the innovative locals run to foreign shores or big cities. As a consequence many companies retain their headquarters in Goa but open branch offices elsewhere.

For those that stay for the quality of life where costs are low and you can have a work/life balance, as well as local professionals seeking an alternative to setting up their own individual offices, coworking spaces have provided the much needed outlet to mingle with likeminded individuals. The infrastructure is improving in one of the world's largest travel and leisure markets giving startups a ready market for testing products.

Transport may be a hiccup so make sure you can pedal a bike or are not adverse to catching a bus, but most of the youth speak English so there are no "lost in translation" moments to be had. With rents about one fifth of what they are in Mumbai and the fact that you can be in the city during the week and wallowing on the beach at the weekends, it is a city where you could linger for some time.