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About Porvoo

A city on the southern coast of Finland, Porvoo is about 50km from Helsinki, so you can escape on a whim if the fancy takes you. It's one of 6 medieval towns in Finland that was first written about in the 14th century and is widely known for its well-preserved 18th and 19th century buildings plus a 15th century cathedral where you can pop in and say a little prayer for the success of your startup on the way to your coworking venue. Porvoo's old town is historically and culturally significant as it's one of the National Landscapes of Finland. You will have to brush up on your Finnish and Swedish if you wish to be understood by the locals.

Inhabited since the Stone Age, the town was on the commercial route of Finnish tribal "Tavastians" who had a few permanent homes in the area. The Swedes colonized it in the 13th and 14th centuries after the "Second Crusade" around 1249-1250 that was led by the Catholic Church and the kingdom of Sweden. Burnt down in 1760, its rebuilding wasn't altered and the buildings rose from the existing medieval foundations. Quite a few tourists poke their noses around the town due to its extensive medieval stone and brick buildings and red-colored wooden storage buildings perched on the riverside.

Porvoo itself may not be a tech hub, but Finland does have a vibrant startup scene that was spurred on by the development of software and electronics with new businesses emerging in the gaming, cleantech and health industries. The Finnish innovation environment is being touted as one of the best in the world with a community that is highly supportive of entrepreneurship and a strong commitment to innovation by both the private and public sectors. It has one of the highest percentages in the world for the number of people working in research and development. Its consumer population are early adopters of emerging technologies giving its inventive souls an ideal testing bed for solutions, ideas and technologies. Home to numerous science parks, business incubators and technology centers, coworking venues have joined the ranks of where the creatives of Finland like to hang out.