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Mons, 9 Rue d'Havré

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A Walloon city and capital of the Belgian province of Hainaut, Mons was the European Capital of Culture in 2015. Dating back possibly to the Neolithic period, this region of Belgium is where Julius Ceaser arrived in the 1st Century BC. Mons became a fortified city in the 12th Century and was the scene of numerous battles where marauding hordes shed the odd drop of blood or two. Today the city is an important commercial hub and university town with plenty of tech savvy youth and brainpower meandering around its beautiful old streets or sitting in coworking venues getting creative.

The educational institutions in Mons include the likes of the Catholic University of Mons, the University of Mons plus more. The city may not be a tech hub per se, but Belgium is home to a developing startup scene with its capital Brussels becoming a booming hub for entrepreneurs. Initiatives such as Health Tech, Fintech hackathons and Startupweekend are putting the country onto the global scene.

Belgium's government has stepped up by providing various innovation grants, funding for accelerators plus tax incentives and even government investments. If you look beyond the Belgians penchant for munching on waffles, the country has a significant number of creative souls starting up and scaling up, as they grab venture capital that rocketed into the big millions in 2018. With its highly educated population and tech savvy youth, Belgium's tech scene is optimistic about the country's prospects. Coworking venues are providing one more source in its ecosystem where innovative minds can gather in collaborative bliss.