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Asuncion, Bulnes 830

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Asuncion, 2249 Cerro Corá

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The capital city of Paraguay bordered by the Paraguay River, Asuncion's coworking scene is beginning to thrive. For the professional freelancer, foreign company or local business, coworking spaces are the perfect answer to that of setting up your own office in Asuncion with all of the inherent dramas that come with running an office on a day-to-day basis.

Somewhat off the tourist radar, it is known for its grand López Palace, the National Pantheon of Heroes and the Independence House Museum, so there is plenty to explore when you want time out from tapping on your laptop in your coworking enclave. The architectural buff will love exploring the worn-out mansions, the dramatic palaces and plazas where once horse and carriages paraded in all their glory.

The leading commercial area of Villa Mora has of late seen massive development with malls, hotels and banks popping up. Financial and construction industries are flourishing as the government is encouraging foreign investment. Coworking is the answer to this influx where starting your own office maybe a pain that a professional freelancer, local professional or remote worker does not need to be bothered with when shared space is available.

The key industries of Paraguay are focused in Asunción. With its rich mineral wealth there is a definitive increase in multinational exploration and mining businesses creating bases in the town. The land surrounding the city is rich agricultural land mainly devoted to the production of soya and tobacco.

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