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About Damanhour

A city in Lower Egypt, Damanhour is the capital of the Beheira Governorate sitting about 160km northwest of Cairo in the middle of the western Nile Delta. During ancient Egypt times the city was dedicated to the Ancient Egyptian god "Horus" and it was also associated with "Hermes" the god of merchants, trade, roads, sports, travelers and athletes (think the son of Zeus and the 2nd youngest of the Olympian gods). The area is richly cultivated and is an overflowing basket of agricultural industries such as cotton ginning, potato processing and date picking. From myths and legends, today Damanhour has coworking venues opening up in its streets to cater to its intrepid and innovative tech savvy locals meandering around or tucking into some falafel.

Egypt's startup scene is on fire. With a population of nearly 100 million it's considered to be the 15th largest country in the world by people numbers with the majority of its population tech savvy youth who are always looking for the next best app or the next huge tech innovation. The country has a mega appetite for tech products and online solutions giving birth to an ever-increasing number of startups and platforms in different fields. Its ecosystem is still quite young compared to other countries, which can be a positive or a negative. The positive is the fact that you don't have venture capitalists fighting over startups and creating inflated valuations. Startups have the benefit of numerous angel investors prepared to mentor, become real partners and who care. The negative is the fact that many startups do have a hard time finding funding, the community is small and the ecosystem is yet to fully develop for industry specific areas.

The positives for Egypt's tech scene are that there is huge potential for growth with exchange rates favouring the foreign investor, the market size available, the need for innovation and the presence of brainpower available. Coworking venues are one more step in the support of fledgling startups where they can gather en masse and collaborate.