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About Naples

Just two hours south of Rome lies Naples, the third largest city proper in Italy. While Naples doesn’t receive much attention from foreigners, the city is as culturally dense as any other in Italy. The city hosts the architectural accomplishment of Caste dell’Ovo, an impressive egg castle with an excellent view of the gulf of Naples. Naples’ coworking spaces have recently modernized the city’s office culture as well.

The city’s handful of coworking spaces allow you to run your business or freelancing career on your terms. Spacious work environments, along with abundant networking opportunities at community events make coworking memberships as priceless as Naples’ pizza. Did we forget to mention that Naples was the birthplace of pizza? Plus, Naples still hosts some of the world’s best pizza and pasta restaurants to this day. You haven’t seen effective networking until you invite a member from your coworking space to one of the city’s finer restaurants. It’s miraculous how quickly a delicious meal can transform a professional acquaintance into one of your best friends.

You’ll find the locals in Naples to be warm and friendly as well. Because Naples hasn’t yet been overrun by tourists like Rome or Venice, locals have maintained a positive attitude towards foreigners. While Italian is the city’s official language, you’ll also find that most young professionals you meet will speak passable English. This makes Naples a great base to work from if you’d like close proximity to world famous tourist destinations like Sicily or Sardinia, without having to deal with crowds or inflated tourist prices on a daily basis.

Naples also has impressive views of nature. The Port of Naples and Mount Vesuvius are impressive sights to behold. Nothing beats coworking in Naples, however, and watching your business grow in one of Europe’s most culturally rich forgotten cities.