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San Pedro Sulu is where the morticians hang out at the gate of the morgue 24/7 and the entrances to shops and restaurants have gun-toting security guards as doormen. This place comes with a big warning: it is one of the most dangerous places on the planet with an average of 5-6 murders per day (that is the known amount and does not take into account the people that just disappear).

So if you want to take a chance, you can find this wild outlaw ravished city in northern Honduras. Sitting in the Sula Valley on the Caribbean Sea, it is the capital of the Department of Cortés about 62km south of Puerto Cortés. Most of the cars here have black tinted windows and number plates appear to be an optional extra. The newspapers always carry gory tales of the murderous crimes of the day before and the streets are almost deserted, as if everyone is too afraid to step out of the sanctuary of their own homes. There is extreme corruption within the police force in a city swamped under the gangs (aka known as maras) that appear to run it. Rampant and widespread drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, extortion rackets and gang wars are the daily business, amidst political upheaval. San Pedro Sulu is one of the main drug routes of cocaine heading to America since the year 2000.

If you are game enough you can check out the traditional villages by four wheel drive in Sierra Merendon in the Cusuco National Park, have an espresso with your dark sunglasses on in the Parque Central, or take in the Museum of Anthropology & History showcasing pre-Columbian pottery and colonial artifacts. There are numerous local markets to explore for local leatherwork, silver and jewelry where you can barter all you like. Take a trip to the Taulabe Caves, have a dip in the Pulapanzak Waterfalls, or go bird watching on Lake Yohoa. For the beach lover there are some amazing beaches on which to worship the sun god.

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