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A large town in Surrey, southern England, Guildford's heart is the medieval Guildford Castle aproned with beautiful gardens and with views from its tower. It sits only 43km southwest of central London and has a population of about 80,000. With its Saxon roots, this city now forms part of the Greater London Built-up Area. Guildford has had its fair share of dramas from putting up with William the Conqueror to the outbursts of violence commonly known as the "Guy Riots" from 1820 to 1865. Apparently this violence would happen on Guy Fawkes Night when individuals would put on masks or weird costumes and arm themselves with torches and clubs. They would proceed to commit assaults on anyone that had offended them during the past year, as well as damage and loot property holding bonfires in the middle of streets. Coworking venues have opened up their doors in the streets of Guildford and you definitely won't find any kinky mask thing or bonfires happening.

Not really a tech or startup hub as such, Guildford does however have its fair share of inventive and creative individuals who have no desire to set themselves up in London, despite its proximity. The city sits in one of the fastest growing startup nations in Europe that has seen the biggest growth in the number of startups during the 2013-2017 period. The UK is seen as placing more emphasis on technology and as such, those who have no desire to hang out in smog filled mammoth cities are staying on their own home turf to get busy creating and founding new companies.

Living in Guildford is the ideal setting for those who are into their own serendipity trips of creativity without the hustle involved. Coworking venues are now the de rigueur place to hang out in collaborative bliss with other likeminded souls, so that you don't have to wake up early and grab a train to the big smoke.

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