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75 HRK /d
CoWorking Split, Split

CoWorking Split


Based in the beautiful neighborhood of Meje, just minutes from the center of Split, CoWorking Split challenges the idea t... More

KIWI Creative Space, Rijeka

KIWI Creative Space


KIWI Creative Space is space, community and platform for artists. KIWI is oriented on fine arts but also open to interdis... More

80 HRK /d
Amosfera Coworking, Split

Amosfera Coworking


A bright and spacious coworking with sea views in the student centre of Split! We are a social enterprise coworking spa... More

11 EUR /d
CoCreative, Split



CoCreative in Split is a coworking place where creatives are producing new ideas through interdisciplinary collaboration ... More

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Officially the Republic of Croatia, it sits at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean. Floating in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is an emerging and developing high-income economy. It is the newest EU member state, which has allowed its tech startup scene to now expand further into Europe. If you are into a bit of history, adore exploring islands, a love of summer music festivals with the opportunity to ski to your heart's content during the winter months, Croatia is a great place to run to with your laptop.

The Internet became a reality in 1992 on Croatia and by the year 2012 there was an estimated 63% of the population fully connected with a healthy competition going on between providers. You can buy both pre-paid and post-paid plans for broadband connection with no need to tell the authorities "what you ate for lunch" when you purchase and there appears to be no internet censorship or surveillance, just in case you peek at a porn site or have a grumble on social media.

One of the biggest problems facing European entrepreneurs is that they lack the funding of their US counterparts, so they can't afford to take the same big risks and do not have the same size market, despite the talent pool available. This is the reason why many innovative and talented entrepreneurs leave their home soil, such as Croatia, to set up shop in the US to tap into the larger seed funding and the bigger market available.

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