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You don't have to be in Monterrey, Guadalajara or Mexico City to take advantage of the growth of the startup ecosystem in Mexico. Aguascalientes is getting in on the act for those that don't wish to relocate, as plenty of coworking spaces are opening their doors for the homebodies of the intrepid and innovative kind. With Mexico's unique geographic and cultural position, it captures both the US and the Latin American markets, whilst its natural resources and size allow it to compete with the South American giants such as Brazil.

Aguascalientes sits in the center of Mexico and is known for its captivating colonial buildings cloaking its historical heart. The architectural buff can head to the Plaza de la Patria to gawk at the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Cathedral adorned with 18th Century paintings by Miguel Cabrera or admire the carved arches of the 17th Century Government Palace. If you like sauntering around museums there is the National Museum of Death to satisfy any morbid proclivities you may have where you can check out displays of funerary art and artifacts from pre-Columbian times to modern day.

Repeatedly recognised as one of the cities offering the best quality of life in Latin America, Aguascalientes is a service city with an ongoing social, economic and aesthetic revitalization process. It has a high population of Japanese, Koreans and Germans living in the city. A regional hub, the city has excellent infrastructure and is the location for many international company headquarters. Mexico was one of the first countries in Latin America to regulate the fintech sector putting it on a par with the international community. With plenty of government and private initiatives happening, Aguascalientes is becoming the playground for those in search of coworking spaces without the headaches and smog of living in a larger city.