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Medenine is a major town in southeastern Tunisia, 77 kilometers south of the port of Gabes and the Island of Djerba, on the main route to Libya. It is the capital of Medenine Governorate. In pre-colonial times, Medenine was the most important trading center in the south, attracting merchants from all over North Africa and even from Bornu to the south of the Sahara. Today, in large part thanks to the island of Djerba, Medenine has become a major internationally renowned tourist spot that continues to grow, with luxury hotel facilities, recreation centers, ancillary services, and a modern golf course. For visiting professionals and entrepreneurs, it therefore has a wide range of things to do, places to stay, and activities to enjoy after a day of coworking.

In addition to its tourist features, the region has a thriving agricultural business based on arboriculture (trees), livestock (mainly sheep, cattle, goats, and camels) and open fields cultivating cereal crops and cucurbits. Having a 400 kilometer-long coastline, the region of Medenine is rich in seafood with an annual production representing 16% of the national production. Remote teams and businesses will be pleased to witness that the modern town is friendly and lively, particularly in the evenings. Local things to do in the area include visiting the Musée de Guellala, which is a museum and exhibition of local history and culture. The city also makes a good base for exploring the small hill villages in the area.
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