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10 MMK /d
Office cubed, Yangon

Office cubed


Officecubed is a bright and creative office and coworking space, Centrally located in Myanmar’s largest city Yangon, ... More

3000 MMK /d
Kanaung Hub, Yangon

Kanaung Hub


Kanaung Hub is a co-working space and incubation center located in the heart of Myanmar ICT Park. It is very spacious and... More

35 USD /m
Phandeeyar Myanmar Innovation Lab, Yangon

Phandeeyar Myanmar Innovation Lab


With a 360 view of downtown Yangon, our 60,000 square foot premises provide a refreshing place to work from. We have a hi... More

20 USD /d



SERV-SMART business centre offers a rare combination of quality and affordability which makes it possible to start your b... More

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Really Nice and Confortable
Theint Theint Thu
Cool atmosphere!! Warm and friendly co-working space. It is more affordable, full of start-up geeks and ... Show More
Si Thu Fred
I have worked in here since May 2016. Even though personnel is from various companies, they close each ot... Show More
Peter Venture
*Good internet access* *Table tennis to play* *Tech Events frequently* *Downtown Area* ... Show More
ဥက္ကာ ကျော်

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is a country where the locals consider Facebook to be "the" Internet. A Southeast Asian country that has a hoi polloi of over 100 ethnic groups, it is home to the amazing golden Shwedagon Pagoda that contains Buddhist relics dating back to the 6th Century. Myanmar, bordered by China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh has 1,930 kilometers of uninterrupted coast along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Its purpose built capital Naypydaw (since 2005) is bizarre, surreal and empty of people, apart from street cleaners. It does however have fast Wi-Fi. You will find 20-lane highways, golf courses, reliable electricity, villa-style hotels, shopping malls, and giant detached buildings set amidst wide boulevards on a land area 6 times the size of New York City. It was built in the middle of rice paddies and sugar cane fields, at the behest of the military regime that was in power at the time. An international curiosity as the estimated cost is $4 billion, in a poor country that spends just 0.4% of its GDP on healthcare for its people (the lowest amount in the world).

If you are looking for a true slice of Myanmar city life, you should head to Yangon (formerly Rangoon) and the country's largest city. The country has been under constant long running civil wars with rampant ethnic problems. A country rich in jade, gems, oil and natural gas, the income gap of its population is the largest in the world with most of the economy controlled by supporters of the former military government.
With a population of 56,890,418, the Internet penetration is only 19.3% with all of them jumping onto Facebook.

Beginning in 2011 the country's tech scene went into hyper drive as a consequence of the transition from military rule to democracy. The locals perceive Facebook as the go-to site for everything, from news to chatting to friends, as well as it being the prime space for tabloids and lifestyle publications. But this does have a downside for the amount of scams and hoaxes that are posted and digital publishers have been subject to "Facebook prosecutions" (goal) in relation to what they may or may not have shared or posted on the site. Myanmar's legislation at this point is outdated and cyber-attacks from non-governmental parties happen frequently. It is not laptops or computers being used, but a virulent mobile phone market for accessing the Internet. There is a definite startup scene happening with everything from ride sharing to social messaging apps such as Viber, the country's favorite.

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