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Sitting in the southeast of Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca reclines on the Caribbean coastline of surf breaks and black-sand beaches. Affectionately referred to as "Puerto Viejo" by the locals, it was historically named "Old Harbour" until the government declared Spanish as the new local language and changed the names of the towns and landmarks in the area from English to Spanish. This town should not be confused with another town of the same name in northeastern Costa Rica, so beware when jumping on a bus that you are going to the right destination. The most famous spot in Costa Rica for those chasing mammoth waves, it's a surfing hub littered with bronzed bodies and surfboards. Coworking venues have now opened up to cater to its intrepid locals who have no desire to abandon their slice of paradise where howler monkeys play in its rainforests.

Porto Viejo de Talamanca is definitely no startup hub, but Costa Rica does have quite a few benefits going for it by way of a strategic location for exporting and importing technological services and products, practically everyone speaks English plus it's a democratic republic guaranteeing the rights of foreign investors and companies.

Coworking in Porto Viejo de Talamanca is for those who like to have their morning or afternoon breaks hitting the big waves or worshipping the sun.