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About Chartres

Sitting in the country where 50% of the French youth between the ages of 18-24 and 70% of the students graduating from the Ecole Polytechnique (France's flagship tech university) want to work for startups rather than enterprises, it is little wonder that Chartres like many other cities in France are welcoming coworking venues into their towns.

Chatres sits southwest of Paris and is known for its massive Cathédrale Notre-Dame that is a Gothic cathedral from 1220 featuring 2 towering spires, flying buttresses, Romanesque sculptures, a pavement labyrinth and elaborate rose windows. From the moment you arrive in Chartres you will have an eye-candy feast of steeples, one being Gothic whilst the other is Romanesque. History buffs will be wetting their pants in excitement as they meander around museums and the well-preserved old town. You will have a workout, as there are plenty of staircases and steep streets decked out with half-timbered medieval houses. Coworking venues have come to this city that lures tourists for its beauty and keeps its intrepid tech savvy youth at home.

This country of cheese and baguette munching souls has been working hard for the last few years to open its doors and its economy to tech startups. Today it is much easier to access a French tech visa so that you can live and work "la belle vie" (aka "the good life") and hang out in your favorite coworking space with other likeminded souls.