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Sergey Polyuk

A friendly walkable city, Bielefeld has been the subject of an Internet conspiracy that would have you believe that the city does not exist. Began in the 1990s, the running gag was begun by a university student and it spread over the Internet like a wild fire. The theory posed 3 questions:

1. Do you know anybody from Bielefeld?
2. Have you ever been to Bielefeld?
3. Do you know anybody who has ever been to Bielefeld?

Because the majority of people answered no to all questions, anybody that claimed knowledge about Bielefeld was considered to be in on the conspiracy or having been deceived themselves. This has now been used as a marketing ploy for the town's tourism and remains as one of the most popular Internet jokes from Germany.

So now that it has been established that Bielefeld is a real city with real coworking spaces springing up, you will find real local professional people with really innovative ideas willing to share their coworking enclaves.

Located in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe Region in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia, it has a population of around the 336,000 mark. Sitting in the shadow of surrounding hills, the Sparrenburg Castle - a fortress from the 16th Century - towers over the town and is now a museum perfect for exploring when you need to escape your coworking space and get a breath of fresh air.

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