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About Tigard

Tigard sits in Oregon that has become one of America's hottest destinations for entrepreneurs due to its dynamic and vibrant startup scene. With a population of around the 48,035 mark it is divided into 13 geographic areas with each neighborhood carrying an unofficial name. You will find the City Hall and Downtown Tigard in Area 6. Tigard is your typical urban city sprawl "by design" with numerous educational institutions from private to public, plus one of the largest shopping malls in Oregon, the Washington Square Mall. Coworking venues have opened their doors on Tigard's streets to cater to those who march to a different beat and have no desire to chase startup dreams in a big city when they can do so from their own home turf.

Tigard itself may not be classed as a tech hub, but Oregon definitely is with its wealth of entrepreneurs that are already established leaders in their respective industries. Many are now mentoring the founders of fledgling startups helping by way of maybe rethinking strategy or shifting goals in order to be a success. There are a wealth of accelerators, incubators and seminars happening with coworking venues flourishing as collaboration hubs where boutique caffeine is swilled by the minute.