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Awash in historical sites from mosques to citadels in this ancient city, Gaziantep sits in the south-eastern Anatolia Region of western Turkey. Previously known as "Antep" and still informally referred to by this name, it's 185km from Adana and 97km from Aleppo in Syria. One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world; this is a wonderland for history buffs. Gaziantep has 2 urban districts under its administration, Sahinbev and Sehitkamil. Famous for its "copperware", "Yemeni" sandals and the green olive oil-based "Nizip" soap industry, Gaziantep is the economic hub for Southeastern and Eastern Turkey with a large number of industrial businesses calling it home making it the number one city for exports and imports in the country. Flooded with traditional markets and hammams, coworking venues have now opened up in its bustling streets that are known for its unique culinary treats.

An important agricultural heart of Turkey, you will find swathes of olive groves, vineyards and pistachio "Antep nut" orchards. Gaziantep is a leading producer of machined carpets in the world with over 100 carpet facilities set up in the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone. Its tourist industry is still in its infancy and tourists are still a bit of a novelty. Its cuisine is totally different to other parts of Turkey due to the influence of conquering nationalities and is more on the spicy side with the aid of "Aleppo pepper" (think chilli pepper). Famous for its baklava that became the first Turkish product with a European protected designation of origin and geographical indication, Gaziantep's restaurants will have you running back for more of their mouth drooling offerings.

Gaziantep may not be on the same level as Turkey's capital of Istanbul that is known as a global enclave for entrepreneurship, but it does have its own bustling startup scene happening. The city offers an affordable cost of living with a relatively low tax rate and a vast talent pool being spawned by the country's universities. In the past decade Turkey's startup ecosystem has become a vibrant hub overflowing with coworking spaces, accelerators, angel investors, venture capital firms and dynamic tech savvy communities.

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