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Tokyo, 5F Okura Bekkan

¥91,500 / pp / month

Tokyo, Unizo Shibadaimon

¥53,000 / pp / month

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Home to the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, Tokyo is where you will get "pushed" onto a train by a railway attendant "pusher" during rush hour. Their Tokyo Tower - inspired by the Eiffel Tower - takes 12 months to repaint and this mammoth task is undertaken every five years. It was the scene of the longest live concert that lasted 3 hours 37 minutes by Guns N'Roses in 2009 at the Tokyo Dome. Vending machines litter the streets; ready to throw out at you canned bread, fresh eggs and cigarettes at the push of a button.

In terms of urban landmass, Tokyo is literally heaving with humanity and bright neon lights. This dynamic city has the second largest metropolitan area on the planet and the largest population in the world. From stunning traditional temples in the Taito area, to Sumida's Ryogoku Kokugikan that is the sumo stronghold, Tokyo pulsates with life.

You can stay in a capsule hotel where your room will be no bigger than a refrigerator, chow down on a steaming traditional dish of ramen when thin curly noodles will slap your chin as you slurp away on a soy-flavored chicken broth, or visit the first Disney Park built outside of America.

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Coworking in Tokyo About Tokyo

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The largest city in the world, Tokyo, Japan truly has something to offer everyone. With unique botanicals, architecture and history-rich culture, Tokyo is a city where millions live, visit, and work. Boasting the largest metropolitan capital on the globe, it is an international financial powerhouse, with multiple of the largest insurance companies and investment banks in the world. Additionally, electronics, publishing, and broadcasting are huge industries, and make coworking space in Tokyo a sought-after commodity. World famous food, entertainment, shopping, pop culture as well as ancient history: all of it awaits in Tokyo. Shared office space is available, so look through our listings and imagine how exciting life can be.

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The advantages of booking coworking space in Tokyo are manifold: the overhead cost of renting a new office space is removed, as are the old-fashioned commitments and responsibilities associated with traditional lease agreements. Shared office space in Tokyo allows you to utilize the services and amenities you actually need and use. Options include: various furniture and office layouts, reception services, scanning and printing capabilities, WiFi and high speed internet services, event spaces, mailing addresses and more. Think about how effective coworking in Tokyo would be for your company, and book some space today.

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Coworking in Tokyo has never been easier, thanks to Coworker. We are here to help you find the ideal space for your company, whether you are a team of hundreds, or a small group just getting started. There is a reason over 6 million users have found work spaces in 172 countries around the world, and that is because we are committed to the best customer service in the business, and that means validating each and every work space to make sure it meets both our standards and yours.