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About Ebina

A city sitting in the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan, Ebina has a population of about 130,860 people. It has had numerous souls walking around its grounds since prehistoric times with remains from the Kofun Period found. Once it was home to the Yokoyama clan that was 1 of the 7 warrior clans of the Musashi region during the early Kamakura period. With such fearsome blood running through the veins of its' inhabitants, it is little wonder that its' tech savvy youth have thrown off the fear of failure and are following their creative dreams. Coworking venues have popped up in the town where entrepreneurship is on the rise and many of its locals are leaving staid corporate or factory jobs to start their own adventures.

The city is home to over 150 factories, as it is a hub for the production of electrical appliances, machinery and metal products. Its' agriculture heart is cantered around the growing of ornamental plants, tomatoes and strawberries, plus the town serves as a bedroom community to the greater Tokyo and Yokohama areas.

Startups are no longer a "Plan B" approach to working for the Japanese youth. Many fledgling startups have the privilege of being able to stay private for a long time via sizable rounds of funding that are generating growth, rather than having to go public too soon and coming unstuck in an attempt to please shareholders. Ebina is caught up in Japan's developing tech scene with many intrepid tech savvy youth getting into health care, agritech Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence. Coworking venues are providing the support and the collaborative environment where having the odd sake isn't frowned upon.