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About Lenzburg

A town in the heart of the Swiss canton of Aargau, Lenzberg is the capital of the district of the same name that was founded during the Middle Ages. It's located in the Seetal Valley about 3km from the Aare River with the neighboring towns of Niederlenz and Staufen growing together. An important economic hub with over 600 businesses of which about 80% are in the service sector, most are in the small and medium size bracket with a few international companies calling the city home. With a population of 8,014 residents of which 66.7% have completed higher education, Lenzberg has many tech savvy and innovative brains walking around its streets or hanging out in coworking venues getting creative.

Lenzberg has numerous heritage sites of national significance to keep the history buff wearing a smile with its Lenzburg Castle (think knights and dragons) being the undisputed landmark, as it's one of the oldest and most important castles in Switzerland. It was built in the 11th Century and is perched on a hill that towers above the city landscape. There are Roman theatre ruins from the 1st Century AD to poke around, the Neolithic graveyard "Goffersberg" to check out plus numerous other intriguing sites.

Switzerland is not all about chocolate and cowbells ringing, as it's a country of tech savvy souls and home to global banks plus 15 Fortune 500 companies. No wonder coworking spaces have opened their doors in this area when the whole country's population has adopted technology. The advantage of working in Lenzburg is the fact that you can get lost in the surrounding woods when you want some time alone in contemplative mode.