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About Koh Lanta

A 2-hour flight, 1-hour taxi ride, and couple of ferry trips from Thailand's entrepreneurial hub of Chiang Mai will put you in the middle of a smooth white beach in the remote Koh Lanta, where the air is warm and pure and friends are waiting to greet you back at the bungalow. Koh Lanta is considered the best island coworking spot in Southeast Asia among the digital nomads in the know, thanks to the game-changing establishment of KoHub.

Recognizing the appeal of the island's uncrowded spaces and uncorrupted beauty, KoHub was established to provide work-from-wherever entrepreneurs a space to hustle, collaborate, and socialize in the perfect tropical setting. It offers a spacious indoor-outdoor setup (with an air con room!), peaceful garden lounge, fast internet, community kitchen stocked with free coffee, healthy daily lunches for purchase, and nightly social events. Even with great pass prices and a 2-minute walk to the beach, KoHub's most beloved aspect is the warm community vibe its founders and frequenters have cultivated.

Koh Lanta's cost of living is certainly not the cheapest in Thailand, so it may not be ideal for bootstrappers, but it's still reasonable at $1000-$1400/month. There are plenty of accommodation options within minutes of KoHub, from basic fan-only bungalows ($17/night) to air-conditioned apartments ($800+/month). Sharing a villa or purchasing an all-inclusive accommodation-food-coworking package from KoHub itself may be the most affordable and comfortable options for more than a month-long stay.

Fishing for barracudas - diving with sharks - trekking through dense jungle - dining on decadent local cuisine - chilling hard with a ukulele and some friends on the beach - all with access to modern conveniences and good medical treatment. Unlike most Thai islands, Koh Lanta has resisted overdevelopment and the stains of tourism to remain one of the most magnificent and secluded places to visit, bust ass, and sink into the richness of island life.

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